Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday Lunch

tomato toasts with fried eggs on spinach with balsamic glaze and a bottle of beer

i sliced heirloom tomatoes and added caramelised onions with rosemary and cheese on toast

why are onions so delicious?

i actually toasted the bread before i added my first layer of cheese

then i added sliced tomatoes and a sprinkling of sea salt and cheese

finally i added some onions and and another sprinkling of cheese. i must say it was pretty good and even the kids ate it. i put the the tomato toasts in the oven at 500 f for just a few minutes to melt the cheese quickly. you have to keep an eye out for them though. wish you could have been here!


  1. usual.
    i want this right now!
    sf's meals on wheels?

    1. meals on wheels? maybe i need my own food truck,huh?

  2. exactly! drooling here as usual too.
    I was thinking the other day, I should look through your blog and try out your style of cooking. Something easy to try first :)

    1. thanks pascale! you should maybe in the future we can swap and then put photos on our blogs?