Monday, February 20, 2012

my birthday

here i am before going out.dont you like my messy bedroom?

so of course i made myself a special lunch. we had grilled eggplant sandwiches.

oven roasted fries with a mayo honey dijon and garlic sauce.

the sandwiches had goat cheese and pesto on them with fresh spinach and basil leaves.

and fruit of course....

i wish you were here so i could have given you a bite!


  1. mmmm..
    ok it's lunchtime. you are so creative, sf! i would never even dream up an amazing sanwich w/ grilled eggplant, spinach and basil like this. fantastic!

  2. Happy B.Day Shellie :)

    I think B.Day's should be spent indulging ourselves with fun everything and with the ones we love, looks like you do too!

    Yummy sandwich and yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just email food to our friends (He! He!)

    Now I have to go eat :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Ms. Shellie. And I am so making this sandwich this week. :)

  4. happy birthday! you look great in that photo---i hope you had a memorable night out.

  5. thanks kim now you have to make one!

    yes t it would be wonderful if you could so that. teleporters for food im sure thats the next invention for the research and development people!!

    thanks thwany! it was a good time out with my mom. we ate so much it was ridiculous. we had bbq i wish i had some right now.

  6. ms huh did you make it yet? i hope it was good but you need to make the fries and the mayo too. its mayo with dijon a squirt of honey and fresh chopped up garlic.

  7. oh wow~ I wish I could have a bite! yes you bet!!

  8. oh pascale i wish i could give you one someday,right?

  9. happy belated birthday! that is the best birthday lunch ever, i'd love to get a bite of that! oh and i don't know how old you are now, but u sure look good!