Tuesday, February 21, 2012

this morning

my new vase. its so pretty i cant stand it. its a christmas gift from my friend kristi.kisses to her!

my son making bitchy faces when i would tell him to smile. he is still cute though.

jack and i watching the coffee brew. hows your morning been?


  1. mornings? potty training now. up at 4:30 am to put little sid on his potty!! haaa!! never boring here
    i love that vase too.
    miss you. we must hang out soon

  2. what lovely vase! what lovely son :)

  3. hey kim we just bought jack a potty and we have succeeded in getting hi to pee on the floor! i miss you too. soon right? lets make kumquat marmalade if you have any left. we will eat it with goat cheese and crusty bread!!

    thanks pascale all of our little darlings are adorable.

  4. catching up around here and love this last shot of you and the little one (who really isn't so little any more!) making coffee. sending HUGE hugs, lady! i use the little tote bag i won in your giveaway two years ago all the time, btw- linen tote with yellow and fuchsia chrysanthamums printed on it- and it always reminds me of you! xo