Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday i took some time off...which means= no my house is pretty thrashed two children are really pretty good at that...but that's okay...because i needed to doodle and let my brain relax...

So i did some little tiny watercolors in some drawings i made in a sketch book i have and painted some free hand flowers...which was very relaxing while watching a free streaming movie from netflix...

i think i am almost ready to to start finishing and creating some new projects...i haven't really created too many new things...unless you count my drawing and collage for my daughter and my party thanks to my stress management class...i have really been trying to carve out time for think i may be ready to move forward...because it really stopped this earlier this year and this maybe where the fear and panic came from...i didn't think it would last this long...


  1. I'm glad you're taking time off for you. The work you're coming up with at the time is really lovely. :)

    PS: Can I bring a friend to the party?

  2. of course you can bring more if youd like! just let me know so i can plan for seating!

  3. I love your Flowers! I have a doodle pattern similar, it is what I doodle when on the phone or before I get down to any serious stuff. Have a great Day, T.