Friday, June 4, 2010

Dinner Last Sunday

We had my parents and grandmother over last Sunday for my mom's birthday...

We had fragrant rose petal water and wine...

There was roasted pork tenderloin with shallots cranberries and rosemary...its an old recipe from an old Victoria magazine article...originally you make it with dried cherries but alas i only had cranberries...yes it was delicious!

Now you know there had to be goat cheese and toasts...come on!...however i didn't take pictures of the i spared you that!

There was chocolate cream pie...i have never worked with gelatin was easy enough...the recipe is from an old february issue of Living...the recipe calls for a meringue topping and believe me the photo was gorgeous but i am not a fan of wet instead i topped it with fresh whipping cream...

Here is it is one slice less...

There was also toasted pecan butter cookies also from a Living magazine...these were amazing...they would be great with champagne! if anyone is interested in the recipes i will be glad to email them to you...


  1. This all looks gorgeous. And the fact that your walls are painted such lovely, rich colors makes this look like a pro shoot for a magazine, not a private family gathering!

  2. thanks...i wish it were...then i would be getting paid!

  3. that cake with the bright pink petas is amaaazing! looks so beautiful. i'm like a pavlov dog whenever i see the pics on your blog..

  4. Oh what fun. Looks so pretty. Can I come over for dinner sometime. :)

    Happy Belated B.Day to your Mom.

    Have a wonderful Weekend, T. :)