Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Officer Garcia

Officer Garcia didnt tell me the whole truth...and i am a garcia would have at least thought he would have told me may i got lost...and i dialed my bother in the middle of traffic in newport beach as the 55 freeways ends...its a cluster you know what of i did it and there he was on his motorcycle...dont worry its only nineteen dollars...well $148.06 after you count taxes and other charges...ahhhh well guess i wont be using my phone in traffic the way...isnt this painting awesome...i wanted to use it for the imagine works here too...its called Miss Unbelievably Angry by BeesandTrees...thanks for letting me use it!


  1. not to take away from this posting...i do very much like the painting...but why is there no place to leave a comment on your imagine posting?

  2. i dont know why... i will check it out...

  3. i think if you click on the title of the post there will be a comment box if you scroll down...thats what it did for me!