Thursday, June 10, 2010

The One Armed Lady

I have been trying to rework and create a new space to create...the studio is in transition to the children's this week i really thought i could make more head way...

WRONG!!!...yesterday while taking 800mg Motrin i thought i could bake and put dishes away and see yesterday i woke up with the most excruciating arm I'm not having a heart attack...i did something on Tuesday and i dont know what it is but it has jacked me...and then i jacked myself now the pain meds don't completely take away the pain...and i have to type with one hand...and my husband poor has to take care of everything...he has been great...yay Daniel...but i hate sitting around...hopefully my arm will feel better tomorrow!


  1. Better rest that sounds very painful. Hope you get better soon, T. :)

  2. booooo... i hope your arm feels better soon.
    i love your pink pencil jar!

  3. hope you feel better soon.

    you post better pictures with one arm, than I do with two....sigh....


    be well

  4. thanks to all...its starting to feel better im trying to use it judiciously though...i have a tendency to go all at when i start feeling better...hope everyone has a great weekend!

  5. kim...i separate my pencils by color...glad you like the pink jar...colored pencils make me happy!