Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hopefully this weekend I will transfer my photos to my flickr site. That way I don't have to keep posting about these flowers...My husband is going to make an icon for my blog to link it all up because really I am truly challenged when it comes to the computer stuff...totally lame I know...

I think I love ranunculus even more when they are at their end...their petals totally open up...pollen starts to get a pretty girl with her makeup all smudgy and stuff...

I loved this arrangement mostly because it smelled so good and it had light blue delphiniums...I love delphiniums...the hybrid ones are so gorgeous sometimes you can get them in pink too!

I liked this photo because of all the different colored glass going on...

Delphinium blossoms and my favorite silk ribbons...By the way have a great weekend...I am off to find chocolate bunnies for my daughter's Easter basket.


  1. Thanks...i really need to not be lazy and download my photos to the flickr.