Friday, April 23, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Tart

Lately i have had all sorts of baking disasters...this is my latest...

I am fairly decent at making a butter pastry...pate brisee...its one of my favorite things to make as it makes me think of my childhood...there is nothing better than the baked off scraps of mom's pie crust.
A couple of weeks ago i made lemon curd and pate brisee...well i over processed husband actually laughed when he tried to take a bite of was hard and chewy at the same time...the lemon curd never set up...i am thinking i undercooked it...

So this time i made a grapefruit curd...overcooked thinking this is why the flavor was so mild and it was grainy...yum...the flavor was okay but grainy is never good...also i gave a whirl at a different butter pastry from my gourmet cookbook...the crust tasted delicious but it shrunk like a mother you know what...never had that happen like that next time im going to try a different pastry that Lily from bigBANG left a link for...By the way it might not be as bad as i am making it out to be because my husband ate the whole thing.

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  1. To prevent crust shrinkage, chill the dough.

    And try this "fool-proof" pie crust, which uses vodka (read to understand why alcohol is so great for crusts):