Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeah For Me

I was included in another treasury...yeah for me...i have been having a super dry spell creatively speaking...not that i dont have ideas and sketches...the motivation to follow through on creative projects has been dry...sales are low...hahaha they are always too tired and unorganised...and there are too many people asking for mom currently and there seems to be a never ending amount dishes to do...sometimes i just want to watch tv all day and let my brain shrink( as if i could!) terrible is that?...but i know i have to keep chugging along... hopefully my initiative will return and my bank account will be full and the sun will be coming up over the horizon...

On a brighter note the lovely illustration is called Wobbly Giraffe on Elephant by themonkeysart
Id like to thank Harem6 for including me...Thanks...and if you visit the treasury thats my turquoise lantern.


  1. congrats for being in the treasury! And that's a fun and surprising combination!