Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Morning

There was a bloom on the Queen Elizabeth rose bush i thought was dead...

Also there were early morning cuties...

Two Spanish cousins who couldn't decide which one was prettier...

And finally a delicious ruby red grapefruit from the garden...i am going to try to make a curd with the others because as my daughter says,"this one disappeared in my mouth."


  1. Sooooooooo jealous of your garden. You wake up to beauty everyday!

    And that's so cute what Sophie said! Hahaha. Kids have such a way with words. :P

  2. What an adorable photo of your cuties :) T.

  3. I love this:

    "Two Spanish cousins who couldn't decide which one was prettier..."

    And this:

    "because as my daughter says,'this one disappeared in my mouth.'"

    Not much gets my heart aflutter these days, but your pictures and commentary gave me a delicious shiver this morning. Ah, babies...

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! they always make my day...desertbackroad thanks and thanks for stopping by i loved your blog!

  5. Wow, I love the colors! I did a new watercolor/marker illustration last night and I think some of the colors of your flowers and grapefruit rubbed off on it....lavenders, peaches and pinks...
    Thanks for the inspiration :)