Monday, October 3, 2011

Cleaning Out Drawers

yesterday morning i was cleaning out drawers.

i found a whole bunch of crayola watercolor boxes and these.

little itty bitty page of london watercolor boxes.

this find led to free form water coloring with the children during breakfast. the one above is sophie's.

jack's painting and he used my favorite color.

a collection of masterpieces....


  1. a great find and some beautiful masterpieces!
    did you manage to do any painting yourself?
    i need to get some new boxes. my kids go through them (and sidewalk chalk) like crazy

  2. no i didnt but hopefully this week and i have a lino to finish( really there are several) my kids too the side walk chalk seems to vanish so quickly. hey are you guys gonna some sat?

  3. wow, i had watercolor boxes just like these. i'd forgotten all about it. i like jack's painting! now that's cool abstract art in a nice color! :)

  4. they take after mommy! artists! and during breakfast!
    only someone with kids would do that... or an artist :D
    Love them all.

  5. mr sekimachihato you should so try it with the kou-chan. he will love it and you will hate the mess because its soooo messy. even my husband was suprised by my painting and eating.

  6. thanks you still have them. you have to do a watercolor with your nephews and share!!

  7. thanks pascale. its fun and messy but worth it!!

  8. Nothing quite as beautiful or priceless as watercolours by children. :)

  9. you are so right kenny!!! kenny i love your blog i hope you know.