Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jack's Birthday

spider and eyeball cupcakes.... i finally had one this morning. there were only two left.

the kids carved jack o lanterns and then we lit them up when it turned dark.

my step father taking the children for rides in the wagon and there was lots of girly screaming going on with that activity.

sophie and jack....

a very blurry little jack devil....

a ghost in a bottle....

scary beverages....

my stepfather and sophie at the craft table. they were painting monster rocks and glueing on googly favorite thing about this is the unlit cigarette that is hanging out of his mouth. my step father is the best and so is my dad. i have been a very lucky in the fact that i had two amazing men in my life growing up. i never have to do things separately because of my parents divorce and my stepmother and my mother get along so well its kind of scary.

the tables and ghosts blowing in the afternoon wind.

ms.aurora carving a pumpkin....

me doing it dia de los muertos style.


  1. Uh... Mother of the year? I think so.

    Also, we're both fortunate to have wonderful dads! They really make a difference. :)

  2. hahah you are so funny. i bet my kids would dispute that!
    yes dads really do make the difference.
    hear that all you wonderful dads out there.

  3. hmm did I lose my previous comment? i was saying this is the best party ever! and you can throw such a party because you have great dads and moms :D
    your kids are so adorable :D :D :D

  4. they sure did thwany!!
    Thanks pascale. we had a great time the only problem is the clean up. i hate that part. hahahahah!

  5. loves it! i wish we had parties like this overe here! dressing up is super fun! you look scary in a good way! :)