Monday, October 24, 2011

Fast Food

This is so easy to make if you want it to be....

one 8 oz can chopped tomatoes
one 8 oz can of tomato sauce
one teaspoon cayenne
two teaspoons of cumin
a couple of shakes of paprika
salt pepper
one can of black beans and kidney beans drained
corn from one ear
three sliced up zucchini
one large onion chopped
three cloves of garlic chopped

saute onion and garlic with spices and some olive oil. i usually add about a tablespoon but you could add more or less i supposed. also i dont usually measure for things i throw together i just taste as i go so i suggest you do the same so you know how spicy you want it.
when the onions are translucent i add the the fresh vegetables for about five minutes stirring occasionally. then i add all the canned stuff turn up the heat to medium high and when it starts to bubble i put a lid on it and and lower the heat to medium low for about 20 minutes or until the vegetable are soft. be sure to taste everything to make sure its spiced right in case you need to add more them. you can also add meat but Daniel's a veg so you know that is not happening for this meal. cheddar and sour cream would also be a great addition.

if i was trying to woo you i would cook my own beans and make my own tomato sauce. so keep that in mind if you are trying to woo someone yourself.

you know how to cook beans, right????

oh and this is great with a beer....
try dos equis dark
because you know i am the most interesting woman in the world, really!


  1. why do i always manage to read your blog just before dinner and feel like a pavlov dog?!!!
    i need a dos equis dark before i start cooking up a quickie monday pot of spaghetti

  2. omg this would be fantastic on chips or toasts with melted cheese too! yummm

  3. Sounds good for me and hubby, although the picky eaters in my family will perhaps pass it up. To try though I will go and cook this for tonight and send them over to you if it does not go well... Just kidding.
    I will mix this with ziti, for good measure! The beer sounds great, just discovered take out beer with a darling refill bottle at Whole Foods! Kellerfest, from Brooklyn! Delish!

  4. I have heaps of beans in the freezer, so I just may whip your recipe up tonight. Merci! Looks so good.

  5. oh wow! this looks so good! such western dish!

  6. glad everyone liked the idea of this one. i make it quite a bit. so if anyone actually does make let me know how it went!

  7. Shellie, you come up with the greatest recipes but I have gotten really lazy about cooking recently but they will all be home at Xmas so I might have to cook then :)

    Happy Belated B.Day to your Man, my Hubby is younger than me also :)

    Hope you are all feeling better, regards, T. :)

  8. thanks glad you are blogging a bit more. we are much better thank you very much.