Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Morning

so there was supposed to be a casual early dinner party for the family

however the children are still hacking it up

so i thought it was best to cancel it but i still collected flowers from the garden. look the arrangement matches my top. im a dork.


  1. aw.... all the best for the little ones.
    and your flowers are gorgeous!!!!
    so matching! so rhyming! :D

  2. Looooooovely.

    And it's a bit painful, but have them eat a piece of raw garlic. Ancient Asian secret -- for realsies. (actually learned from my white boss)

  3. I'm all Asian but have never tried raw garlic when sick!

    I wish I had a garden like yours. Such pretty flowers... I'm about to spend 200 bucks to hire someone to weed my backyard. It's a jungle out there, and I ain't going there.

  4. haha ai...
    i just cant do the raw garlic...
    oh you will have a pretty garden as soon as you pay your money girl. it will be fantastic.

    i just can do it. i know im stubborn.

  5. My mother in law feeds her kids deep fried garlic (till it's like potato) sprinkled with some salt. Then it's not so smelly and yet it still works as a cure :) she then makes them drink milk (she says it takes away the left over garlic smell)
    And you know my mother in law is an Asian.

  6. yum i bet deep fried garlic is good all by itself.