Tuesday, October 11, 2011


endive with chevre toasted pecans pomegranate seeds honey and fleur de sel....all by myself(she says quite unhappily) someone missed the train again.


  1. interesting...wild! not sure how you came up with this one sf but i do love all the ingredints and am trying to taste/imagine the pecan w pommegranite and endive.
    cheer up honey, crack open a bottle of wine and browse a magazine
    he'll be home soon!

  2. whoa~ looks so good! I am drooling.
    hope he came earlier than you expected!

  3. im hanging....or rather i was. wish i could of had a drink but i had to pick him up.

    i will have to make it for you sometime kim.

    thanks pascale....he didnt get home until 835 pm :(