Monday, October 17, 2011

sunday lunch

i made trottole with beans garlic onions and spinach and my own doctored sauce. oh yeah there was sausage too. i wish i had some parmesan to go with it too. that would have made it even better. feeling sick and a little blue today but i will get over it. so please have a dazzling day for me,okay?


  1. That looks and sounds really good.
    And you know what else is good?
    your photos! love the hues!

  2. Sorry you are not feeling good I hope the kiddies are feeling better, it really is that time of year isn't it :(

    Take care of yourself, T. :)

  3. hey! it's friday and i hope you're feeling better for the week-end. looking forward to your posts

  4. thats t!!!
    i have missed your posts and yeah its that time of year.

    thanks kim....had a good cry this morning so i feel better. i do have some posts lined up too!