Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost Indonesian Spicy Omelet

well there is a new yummy blog i enjoy looking at.....its called mochachocolataRita.....

she made this omelet last friday i believe and i knew this was definitely something i would be making.....

what i liked about her post is she wrote about indonesian pancakes called telur dadar and how she basically spiced them up....

i didnt have all the ingredients....i forgot to buy a i used half a small red onion very thinly sliced....

and there were only serranos ( i only used one that was chopped and deseeded mostly) at the store and then i threw in some mini sweet peppers orange and red like about four....

there is also cornstarch, salt, pepper, coriander and a little bit of sugar....i also made some basmati rice with butter and i might say that i wish i had more now as i start to think about the way i doubled her recipe which made about three to four portions and i wont lie my husband and i ate it all up....yup thats right we did and we have no the way i loved her explanation as to why its indonesian and then you will understand why mine is an "almost" really just go there already....the link goes directly to her recipe....thanks rita!


  1. Looks absolutely delicious and I love the addition of freshly chopped coriander on top and I wanna know what's that fluffy white yumminess on top. Looks so yum!

  2. its sour cream....i was thinking you could also use plain yogurt too....thanks was sooo goood!

  3. yummy! i'm getting hungry by looking at your pictures. it doesn't help that i'm watching the film julie & julia right now either! food, oh food! you have such a gift for cooking. if i was in the neighborhood, i would very cheekily invite myself over for dinner. haha :)

  4. wasnt the julia part amazing? i loved the scene and the post card of them in the bathtub for valentines....perhaps someday i will make you dinner!!!

  5. i finished watching the film last night. it was great! and yes, the scene in the bathtub was so sweet!

    the film almost inspired me to start a food blog. except i would have to start cooking first, and not just stuff my face. haha.

    and yes, who knows! maybe i'll get to experience your wonderful cooking one day!