Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caution Profanity....Really!

yesterday i came across a blog called thechirpybird.....

she made this and when i saw this i HAD to make it....i mean i really had to....

she got the recipe from on the link if you want know you want do!

can you believe i had never been there?

well i couldnt....

so i know this is floating around on the internets right now....

sorry if you have seen it....

i know im redundant....

but there is a reason and i think the above picture says it all....what can i vulgar....but honest....i told you there was profanity....and yes i like writing words in left over cinnamon the way i used rapid rise yeast so it didnt need a second rising....also i cut my strips fatter so there wasnt as many layers but it still pulled apart quite well....the idea for berries....i used blackberries and blueberries....came from thechirpybird....really you need to make this.....really!


  1. Haha I love that last picture. Something so great about combining a good swear with the sweetness of cinnamon sugar haha This looks amaaazing. Will have to make it soon.

  2. Well, maybe my grandma would not have uttered those exact words but somewhere deep inside she might have thought them!

    Looks pretty yummy.

  3. Right on, sweetie! Loks so scrumptious!
    Will go and make it! To hell with my diet! See, there I said it!

  4. That bread was SO DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, mom and bro took the last of it. Will be making some soon...

  5. sometimes you just have to drop the f bomb when something is that good....hehehe jim i bet you are right! yes marisa and victoria you must make truly is a sensual delight....christina bummer about our chocolate souffles last night but im glad you liked the bread and was to share so tempted to make another one tomorrow but that would be BAD BAD BAD....

  6. looks delicious! made me very hungry! too bad i don't have anything sweet in my flat, plus i just brushed my teeth. oh and the last picture made me laugh out loud! food makes me say/think shit like that too.

  7. thanks lw....yes dont eat sweets after you have and swearing is a constant with me when its good!