Thursday, March 10, 2011

When I Disappeared For Twenty Days

i was playing with succulents and this frog....

admiring my yard that needs to be weed whacked but you really cant tell here....

finally hanging my framed art pieces....

watching my husband make a succulent bouquet.....

photographing my succulent arrangement.....

arent these orange succulent flowers gorgeous....they are from the kalanchoe plant known as lavender scallops....

a big ass head of aeonium haworthii....we have also redone our closets....put up shelves....organised the children's closet as well....reduced the amount of their toys and clothes too....dusted walls....reorganised my martha stewart magazines as they are no longer on the kitchen counter....vacuumed the closets....drawn and still in the process of carving some more linoleum blocks....bought new computers and burners which had many technical difficulties with return trip to frys and have been donating to the goodwill like crazy....all of this led to some almost serious asthma at the beginning of this week as well as dust tends to do that to me....oh and i have been watching TOTORO ( you can watch here for free but i actually have the movie) like its been going out of style....yeah you know i have got to get the animes in....i just gotta!
i cant do math was only eighteen days.....i know i know im special and not in a good way....


  1. Shellie I love this succulent arrangement. I have a pot filled with different species!!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my fine art giveaway!

  2. Wow, you have been a busy lady!! Sounds like so many accomplishments have been made, you should be proud! Such great succulents!!

  3. One of the most beloved movies in our family: Totoro! My kids have been singing that sound track often!

    And I guess you had valid reasons not to blog for a while. Isn't it refreshing once in a while?
    Love those succulent arrangements!

  4. Thanks for stopping by karena...i loved your artist interview....thanks meagan i am very glad to have the bulk of it done its definitely been a process....hheheehee victoria it IS a great song....its definitely refreshing to take a break!