Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kung Fu Hustle

Netflix is starting to get on my nerves. You see last night we watched one of my all time favorite movies thus far Kung Fu Hustle. It was the second damaged disk I have received which is very frustrating. I guess I should break down and just buy a copy of it. Have you seen it? Oh you should. I love the warning of "stylized" violence on it too. So you already know I love the animes but I also love the kung fu movies too. I grew up watching Kung Fu Theatre on kcal channel 9 as a kid and often with my dad while eating vegetable flavored top ramen because the color of the package was a turquoise color. One of my other favorite movies...its an old one called Master of the Flying Guillotine. So I found this illustration of the fat lady from Kung Fu Hustle this morning....isnt it so cool? But, then the fat lady is way super cool. The illustration is courtesy of Michael Henderson....thanks man! You can visit his blog too. He has lots of really great comic book style illustrations. The Art of Mike Henderson


  1. I Haven't seen this. I love your story about eating flavoured Ramen with your Dad, so sweet!

    I think netflix is trying to push everyone to streaming, I think they might be trying to phase out the discs :(

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  2. yes my husband had mentioned something about that....i dont mind streaming as long as there is more selection....but until then i will probably be a crankenstaff!

  3. I nearly split my ribs with Kung Fu Hustle. I love alot of asian cinema...usually non-comedic things like What Time Is It there or I Don't Want To Sleep Alone. Or early Ozu or Kurosawa.

    KFH was startling. It took a bit to get into the pace and look but then I was hooked.

    BTW. Did you ever see The Host?

  4. Jim i have not seen the host but it is in my streaming queue on netflix as well as what time is it there!