Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lemons and Locust

last night i made meyer lemon creams from one of my favorite blogs tartelette.....

this morning i got the ladder out to cut flowers from my favorite tree the locust.....

then i photographed my little lemon puddings if you will because thats kinda what they are and i also made some fresh whipping cream and toasted pinenuts....

the crazy thing about cutting these flowers are the big fat black bumble bees that swarm around these blossoms but they didnt get me as i was fast and i am sure im not as exciting as the they left me alone....

but what i did get was this for my breakfast.... oh yeah they were pretty good.....a little less tart than lemon curd but thats the flavor.....

these trees grow like weeds sending suckers off them everywhere.....someday i hope to have way too many of them because how gorgeous would that march be? they also have a delicate sweet scent....i really do fantasize about strange things.....there are also no bees in my fantasies either....bees are wonderful though sometimes when i pass our citrus trees they actually sound alive with all that humming.....

here is what the puddings looked like last night.....the thing i liked about this recipe is it was all done in one pot which makes it very convenient and easy to clean on the link under the first picture for the post and recipe....her food styling is amazing....someday mine will be too!


  1. I think your styling is really lovely!

  2. thanks taylor that makes me happy!

  3. Shellie, you are just cooking up a storm :)

    Your desserts look lovely; my Hubby is a lemon nut he would love them.

    What pretty blossoms, I LOVE your photos and as Taylor said great styling.

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  4. the lemon puddings and the flowers look gorgeous!

  5. thanks rita....there is a couple of recipes on your blog i will be trying very soon!!!

  6. i didn't discover meyer lemons until four years or so ago. changed my life. there's so much out there, just for us. indescribable really.

  7. love your food & flower porn pics! i've always loved food, but the last 2-3 years, i've started to really appreciate plants and flowers. it's kind of weird, i don't know why my fascination for plants/flowers just...err...blossomed.

    unfortunately i can't really grow plants because i live in a small flat in the city. but i do buy some plants for my balcony every spring/summer.

    it would be nice to have a garden and grow some vegetables. that's my dream!

  8. anna....meyer lemons are like little sweetly tart gods....i only have a few left on my tree which makes me sad....luu....i hope you post pics of your balcony all decked out in plants....maybe youll find yourself living out of the country someday in perhaps VIEtNAM? then you could really have an amazing garden!!! if you do that i will have to come visit!