Thursday, March 24, 2011

Succulents Again

hooray its spring....well for a couple of days at least and the the husband is weeding, whacking,rearranging succulents, and basically getting the yard into shape for the coming months.....what i love about his succulents is when you think a plant ate it in the cold( its sad when plants rot and big giant heads of things drop off) it didnt....
LOOK at all those little itty bitty aeonium heads growing along the stems....pretty cool stuff!

underneath the aeonium stems in the pot are a whole bunch echeverias just reproducing like looking forward and not looking forward to are making lots of new little plants....i just love is a link to my husband's shop if you are interested....thesucculentgarden.


  1. Spring! Life! Need a bit of that here in Milwaukee! I love succulents. They are like little living sculptures.

  2. Shellie, I always leave my garden to go to seed and some. I just find beauty in all the "dead Heads" I just don't want to prune them, of course my Hubby does eventually, I have to give in at some point. I love seeing the new shoots coming up.

    Your Hubby's succulents look amazing, going to pop over and check out his shop :)

    Have a lovely Weekend, T. :)

  3. Hey T! thats pretty much what we do too but it is sad when they freeze and rot but obviously they come back!
    Oh marisa i dont think i would do well in milwaukee....yes they are very sculptural that what i love about them too! you should illustrate a succulent poster when your thesis is done!!!