Friday, March 11, 2011


yesterday while on another blog called concerning pancakes i was inspired by the corn and black bean salad with i asked what was put in it because as i had all those ingredients on hand and she emailed me this is what i came up with....i sauteed a can of drained black beans, half of a chopped red onion, corn, along with cumin seeds and coriander in olive oil(cumin and coriander were her suggestions)...I tossed it with a lemon, dijon, and olive oil dressing with seasoned vinegar....then i added raw chopped red onion (the other half of the onion) with some supremed oranges....this was tossed with couscous....and it was delicious....i wanted to thank stephanie for the inspiration and i wish i had some left now....


  1. Shellie, you are always sharing such wonderful recipes. :)

    Thank you for stopping by today. I am so grateful to have my son home and hearing what a panic there was going on at the coast in the early hours this morning only re-enforces the grief I feel for the Japanese tonight :(

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  2. Oranges! That's a great idea. I'm glad that you added your own touches to make it suit your tastes. I think those are the best kinds of dishes. :)