Monday, March 14, 2011

Elizabeth & the Catapult "Everybody Knows" live at Paste

yet again here is some music albeit a different song from knowthyself....thanks james....anyway its a remake from leonard cohen i believe he was a canadian singer songwriter....i kinda felt like i was in a dark mood today reading about nuclear concerns in japan and well is it really worth it and how can you really be prepared?....i mean about nuclear energy..... also thinking about what went down in the gulf last it really worth it in the long run to use such dangerous methods?.....obviously mother nature can f@#& up your shit no matter how prepared you are or how safe something is deemed(makes me also think of the unsinkable titanic as well) thinking NO its not worth it when the ecology of the planet can get totally screwed up and can also affect us humans(and radiation surely does) and well other beings too and the situation in japan is currently like a crazy plot from some anime....i can only hope that those reactors dont melt....hope it feels so useless when it comes to something so scary because not even money can fix hot ass reactors.....but then i have always been a no nukes kinda gal....

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