Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shoot Out!

Last night my husband and i watched 3:10 to Yuma. I am not really into westerns although i guess i should be as i love samurai movies. Anyway if you have seen it, there is a scene at the end that just blew my away with the gladiator and his top man. I always call him the gladiator because that's how Russell Crowe will be forever burned in my brain. Well I don't know about you but so much was said on their faces. It was amazing. So my husbands tells me that wow that was a lot of shooting" F@$k! " AAAANNND then I remembered. We have witnessed an actual shoot out on the street with cops and bad guys eight years ago. How crazy is that? It wasn't a movie but it was some guys running up Rosemead Blvd just north of the 10 freeway turning around quite often and firing handguns. I was like "holy crap i hope these guys don't cross the street in front of my car!" and then a gang of police and squad cars followed. Traffic started going again and i didn't hesitate to get the hell out of there. So that's my exciting story of the day . I cant believe i forgot about that?


  1. haha, russel crowe is etched in my mind as the gladiator too!

    anyway. i'm not that much into westerns, but i think the music is cool. plus many of the guys are hot!

    ps, how dramatic to experience a real shoot out! sounds a bit scary!

  2. not really into western or country music....there are some exceptions like some really old tunes....dont know about the hotness of them either but i will tell you a silly story about me....i drank to much at a holiday party once(more times than that) and made out with a guy that looked like billy rae or ray? cyrus....i will never live that down with my friends...embarrassing i know....he did seem like a nice man though!

  3. of course this was before i was married....and yes the shoot was scary!

  4. OMG! It would've been a traumatic experience! Scary!