Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Celebration

This year Easter was a meatapalooza (i seriously wonder about my spelling sometimes....did you catch my previous ridiculous spelling of that word?). I am not complaining though. Sometimes I feel bad for the husband. He is a vegetarian. Yum brown sugared and honeyed ham is whats above.

We always have an array of Italian things since my step father is well Italian. One of the meats above is mortadella(i think thats how you spell it) with pistachios....yum and more yum. I swear I could eat slices and slices of that and be happy.

Of course there are always Italian sausages cooked in a crock pot for ages. They literally melt in your mouth and you can practically spread them on your bread.

My mother is hilarious. She made ina gartens coconut cupcakes. They looked really pretty but then she tells you "there not so great." Which is funny because she makes them for practically every function we have. Well the kids liked them.

Here is my mothers little Easter tree with decorations and all.

Oh yes and Easter Baskets for all the small children that came. I dont get one anymore. How sad. When I was a kid my Easter basket was filled with markers,glue, crayons,paint, and a huge pack of colored construction paper. I wish someone would make me one now. Oh well at least the eats were fantastic and I got to drink loads of wine. That always makes for a great day!


  1. I love that you had all that meat around and the hubby is a veggies-only-dude. That first picture looks so yummy!

  2. thanks abbi....he is used to it! He used to like to announce to the world that we were entering the FLESH DEPARTMENT when we were at the market so everyone would look.