Friday, April 8, 2011


I know hummus is everywhere.... it isnt the exotic dish it used to be....

But we still love it husband is a vegetarian so it is a staple dish here....

I prefer it sundried tomatoes or bell peppers or whatever....

It is easy to make too!

one drained can of garbanzo beans

the juice of one lemon

one whooping spoonful of tahini

one spoonful of olive oil

a big splash of water

salt to taste

a couple of cloves of garlic( we like it garlicky)

then puree in your food processor until smooth

i add a little more olive oil to the top and pinenuts

then eat with bread or veggies or sure to eat with someone you love so you BOtH have garlic breath!


  1. I think the hummus-making process is so pretty-- I just love your pictures!

  2. thanks taylor and pretty good to eat too!