Friday, April 8, 2011

You Should Not Make This....REALLY!

What delicious concoction could this be......

it involves butter and cream.....

Yummm doesnt that look good?

Whats that?

Why sugar of course....Its caramel sauce but you knew....right? I had a carton of cream that was going to go bad soon so i used it up this week. So i made salted caramel ridiculously easy to make.

one cup of white sugar

half a cup of cream

six tablespoons of butter

a pinch of salt

Put sugar in a heavy bottom sauce pan and turn heat to medium high

let melt ( it will be an amber color). As soon as it melts add butter and stir ( at this point i actually turn the heat down a little) until melted and add cream. It does bubble up but if it doesnt bubble so much dont worry just stir and take off the heat. BE CAREFUL HOT SUGAR HURTS LIKE A MOTHER YOU KNOW WHAT AND YOU COULD SERIOUSLY HURT YOURSELF IF NOT my warning? once everything is incorporated add a dash of salt and stir.Then pour in a heat proof jar. I used an old almond butter one (i cleaned it first)

Have all your ingredients ready to go and once the sugar melts the whole process goes pretty fast. Once its cooled you will have to resist the urge to just eat it out of the jar. Also i am not sure how long it lasts as we have never had for more than three days. I store it in the fridge when it cools all the way down.Enjoy


  1. mm looks delicious! but how do you eat it? just by itself, or do you have it with some kind of desert?

  2. you could put it on ice cream or crepes or drizzle some over butter cookies or popcorn with nuts that would be homemade cracker you have that in norway? or you could just be a beast and eat out of the jar with a spoon when it cooled....i thinks thats my favorite terrible i know.