Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Santa Monica

My friend recently moved to the beach at the end of last year.

How cool do the inside courtyards look?

Here is the view from the street above pacific coast highway. In the wee distance is the Santa Monica Pier.

Pretty ocean!

Here is the walking pathway on Ocean Ave. This picture is taken from the rooftop of her building. There are little chairs and some table up there too.

My friend also made dinner.

It was sausage and chicken pictures of it are not so great as i had a lot of wine.

She made apple compote for the vanilla ice cream too.

Here is a picture of downtown Los Angeles from the Santa Monica freeway on the way home.


  1. * sigh * Someday I'll have a place like this to invite you to. Because I'll be rolling in money and time.

  2. well im looking forward to that time....hey im doing the renegade this summer!

  3. !!! ARE YOU?! That's so fucking exciting!!!!!

    Also, a little late notice, but I have evenings available next week, if you happen to decide to your bday thang then.

  4. wow, that's some view! mmmm. i would love to peep out of the window and see a beach! oh and cool plants too by the way! very graphic plants. but i also think they look a bit scary in a way....

  5. hehehe kind of like sea monsters huh?
    Perhaps that will be an option christina!