Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hare

Coloring eggs is my favorite Easter time activity. So I am passing this tradition on to my children.

Usually I just use food color in my cabinet but Sophie asked for the paas egg coloring box at the store.

I think they turned out pretty well.

Here she is making crazy faces while I tried to tell her about the Easter hare that laid eggs and how eggs represent life and the goddess of spring Ostara or sometimes better known as Eastre or Eostre. I like the pagan version of this holiday as we are not religious in a western sense. The stories are fun and meaningful.

I believe the coloring of eggs came from rituals in Persia.

Sophie dumped out all of the coloring solution in the sink and asked me to take a picture of her plastic container mountain.

Here is my VERY messy and scary kitchen. Its amazing how an hour of my family being in here does this.

Here is dinner from Friday. Roasted pork tenderloin.....the other white meat. I hope you have a great day. Last year there was an earthquake in Mexicali. I thought I had a little too much to drink as the room started to sway.


  1. The colors came out beautifully on your eggs!

  2. I agree coloring eggs is my favorite thing!

  3. i really love the nice color of the eggs! great combination...such springy and delicate colors. makes me happy just looking at them. not such a fan of painting eggs myself, but i would very happily eat that roasted pork tenderloin! yummy!
    ps, your daughter is super cute. and is that your hubby in the background? hunky!

  4. Lovely! We had French toast and hash browns for breakfast and then dyed eggs with the Paas tie-dye kit. I hadn't dyed in eggs in years!

  5. thanks everyone....i thought they turned out nicely too. I dont know why but i really enjoy dyed eggs. I even did it when there were no children.

    Did you have fun christina? im jealous i wish i had french toast for breakfast too! actually i had a pork sandwich so i guess i cant complain!

    lw the pork was good....again perhaps someday in the future we will share some pork...that kind of sounded weird....i really do hope to someday meet all my blogger friends...yes thats the husband packing orders....thanks i think he is pretty hunky too!