Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indonesian Donut Shop?

Last week my husband had some days off so we had breakfast here.
My daughter is constantly begging to come here.

I think every little girl always gets a donut with sprinkles. I did but now I think they taste terrible as I dont like donuts. They always give me a stomach ache now if I eat one.

So I had a ham and cheese croissant with jalapenos and it was tasty.

I think they ladies that run the place are indonesian as its decorated with all kind of fabulous art.

Maybe they are not? I dont know but everything they sell is sure tasty!


  1. wow, what a nice place! is it close to your house? if i lived close to a place like this...oh that would be dangerous. the ham & cheese croisant looks delicious!
    when i was younger i loved donuts, but now, not so much anymore. don't know why. but sure, put a donut in front of me, and i'll stuff my face with it! haha

  2. I wish there's a donut place here in Hong Kong T_T...hmm they're probably...Indian?

  3. i still can't resist a sprinkled donut...especially a chocolate one!

  4. lw it is kind of close but we only eat there if we walk there its like 2 miles from our home....thats the rule.
    Rita i think i am going to have to ask because they are definitely not indian....but i wish they were because then maybe they would sell bajis and samosas....i LOVE me some good indian food!
    LC i couldnt resist taking a picture....they do look delicious....its probably less calorie laden than the croissant i ate.

  5. OMG that ham & cheese & jalepeno croissant looks heavenly. are you also more of a savory over sweets type as well?

  6. yes savory over sweet anytime!

  7. There is a place on 9th avenue and 46th street in NYC called Bali Nusa that is Indonesian. They make some delicious hot and spicy dishes. Maybe I haven't explored the desserts in a proper way but it seems most of them are jello-like things. And sorta white-ish. I have to confess I would take a technicolor donut over a white jello thing anyday.

  8. white-ish gelatin is never good....not a fan of jello things but hot and spicy yes!

  9. I must admit, I do love a good donut! This place has quite the mix going on. Love it.